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Do you sell the doors to go with the door hardware?

No, P C Henderson does not supply the actual doors themselves. We can sometimes make suggestions regarding local suppliers but as a general rule we do not supply the doors.

Do you offer an installation service?

We do not offer an installation service but our Export Team can advise you on finding a local distributor.

What maintenance is required for sliding door gear?

A system which is specified correctly will not require a great deal of maintenance. Most industrial systems will require the track and hangers to be greased every six months. Commercial systems require no greasing but benefit from having the track, and any guide channel, cleared of obstruction and dirt build up. All systems should have their fixings checked for tightness every six months. For specific information on a particular system consult the maintenance section of this website.

What do I need to know before contacting P C Henderson to obtain a specification?

The most important consideration is the weight of the door. Other factors which are important are the height of the door, the number of doors required, whether the application is internal or external, is there strength in the head of the opening to carry the door weight and is there room for the doors to be parked at the side of the opening. Environmental circumstances are also important e.g. is it to be used in a high use environment such as a school or hospital, will the gear be exposed to corrosive elements etc. Our specification tool – Expert – is a step by step guide through the specification process which covers everything that is necessary for a detailed specification.

How many hangers do I need to operate my door? If I add more hangers can I use a heavier door?

The standard number of hangers for a straight sliding system is two. Adding an additional hanger will not increase the allowable door weight as the weight will only ever be carried on two hangers. The number of hangers required for a folding system is determined by the number of doors to be used. Using our specification tool – Expert –  will provide the exact number required.

What does your Expert Specification Software do?

Expert is a FREE to use specification service for P C Henderson’s sliding and folding door gear. It provides the user with a quotation based on the information provided, detailing the correct gear to use, prices, drawings and fixing instructions.

Who can use the Expert Specification Software?

Anybody can. It’s FREE to register and all new users are given their own user number which will appear on their specifications. Using Expert is a great way to ensure that the sliding door gear you order is the correct gear for your application.

Where can I buy P C Henderson sliding and folding door gear?

For information on your local stockists of P C Henderson sliding and folding door gear please contact our Export Sales Team who will be happy to assist.

When should I use bottom rolling gear instead of top hung sliding gear?

When there is insufficient strength in the head of the opening to carry the weight of the door. P C Henderson’s Sterling bottom rolling systems will also carry very heavy doors – up to 8000kg in weight.