Securefold Specifier

Quickly build a bill of materials or get a quote for your Securefold project.

Enter a few details about your project into the Securefold Specifier and the software will
immediately calculate the parts needed. Click the Print button to generate a Bill of Materials which
you can take or email to any P C Henderson distributor, or email your requirements
directly to Technical Sales here at P C Henderson for a rapid response.

The Securefold Specifier was developed by Henderson’s Research and Development Department. It instantly produces a parts list for any Securefold project based on the dimensions entered by the user. Useful pop-up information is displayed to prevent entering out-of-scope dimensions.

Securefold Specifier comes in two versions. There’s an online version which you can use here on the website. This version allows you to print out a hard copy of your specification, or to email it directly to Technical Sales for a rapid quote.

There’s also a downloadable desktop version which you can download and run on your own computer. This version allows you to print out hard copy or to save multiple specifications on your computer.

Online Securefold Specifier

Click the button below to get started

Launch Specifier

Desktop Securefold Specifier

The desktop version of Securefold Specifier is available to download in Windows and Macintosh
versions. The version of the Specifier allows you to save (Windows only) and print your
specifications. Be sure to select the correct version for your computer.